Sunday, December 12, 2004

Dean on Meet The Press -- he'd be a great Chair

Here is the transcript of Howard Dean's appearance this morning on Meet The Press. He really gets a lot of the forward-thinking strategies for the Democratic Party: populism and reform, framing issues agressively, grassroots organizing, bottom-up instead of top-down decision-making and candor at all times.

I'm going to ask around and see what the Illinois voters are thinking. I'll bet there's something in Speaker Madigan's mind that finds Dean's grassroots, populist, bottom-up message appealing.


FightforJustice said...

"The Democrat Party's liberal wing will cheer lustily if the antiwar (Howard) Dean becomes the party's new face, but Republicans will cheer even louder."

- New York Post columnist Deborah Orrin

Anonymous said...

Yes! Yes! Yearrrrrgh!! I think Dean would be a great DNC chair because (i) I'm a Republican; (ii) Dean's a crazy Northeast antiwar Liberal; and (iii) his leadership will spark the coming civil war on the Left. I loved this statement by Dean: "I think we are left by Terry McAuliffe with a big surplus, and he's done a great job in terms of leaving this party in good financial condition." Does Dean understand that McAuliffe's only job was to raise cash for Hillary and to hell with winning elections in the '00 and '04 cycles? The struggle for the purse-strings of the Democratic Party is about to go nuclear. has already claimed ownership. Now Dean wants to control the cash that has been amassed for one purpose - Hillary '08. Let the chaos begin.

Anonymous said...

" has already claimed ownership."

Is there a specific website where you can sign up for GOP talking points, or does it require owning a fax machine....?

Anonymous said...

The quote from was: "Now it's our party: we bought it, we own it, and we're going to take it back." I'd call that "claiming ownership." It's on the web in a million places; it's also mentioned in the Dean interview that DJW reprinted above. Here's a CNN link:
CF (oh, and I posted the comment above too). Yearrrrrgh!

Jeff Wegerson said...

CNN got it wrong. I saw the source statement and in context the statement was referring to small donors who propped up the Kerry campaign as being the owners.

But I'm not wasting effort debating Republican "talking points", as the comment above so rightly points out.

What I'm glad to see is how steeped in your own delusions you are. The Democratic party is moving left to the center of American political belief. As a Republican noise machine mouthpiece you can't hear it. The DLC Democrats have and will continue to have no place to go but left. As we "centrists", the so-called-left-wing of the Democratic party continue to reposses the party, so will the swing mentalities follow. They are attracted to strength of position, we have that. When the DLC types moved right, swing mentalities thought, "oh that must be the correct direction, we'll vote Bush."

So moving left to the center will be a win-win for us. We will re-energize our base and attract those swing voters looking for strongly held values. But you see in-fighting and break-up. Good. Stay deluded.

FightforJustice said...

Jeff is absolutely right. The Democrat Party needs to move to the Left of Kerry/Edwards. No doubt about it!

FightforJustice said...
"The reality is that liberalism is pure political poison and if people like Michael Moore and MoveOn (& DJW)don't believe that, I'd encourage them to back candidates who'll run on it. Personally, I'm tired of Democrats like John Kerry who run as hawkish, religious, tax-cutting, shotgun waving moderates, then govern as liberals and then hope they can get judges in place to install the agenda they can't ever get the American people to vote for.

"Run on reparations, Affirmative Action, socialized medicine, abortion on demand, higher taxes, signing up for Kyoto and the International Criminal Court, taking orders from the UN, getting rid of the missile shield, overturning the Patriot Act, unlimited illegal immigration, banning animal testing, gun control, pulling out of Iraq, gay marriage, persecuting the Boy Scouts and all the other ideas that get taken seriously by liberals. Don't pretend to be a conservative when election time rolls around and see what happens."

Anonymous said...

Where do the Republicans get the idea that opposing the war in Iraq is bad politics? Bush won the Presidency with the narrowest margin for an incumbent President since the 1920s, against a candidate who was inconsistent in his opposition to the war in Iraq. Opinion polls consistently show a slight majority of Americans opposing the war. Opposition to the war will only decrease as the number of American casualties increase. I'd say that Dean's anti-war credentials will be a boost for the Dems.

As for Madigan: it's my understanding that the state party chairs will be voting as a group. My guess is that Madigan views the DNC chairmanship as somewhat irrelevant to his political goals.

Vasyl (anonymous only because I haven't registered on blogger)