Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Howard Dean for DNC Chair

I'm a fan of Howard Dean's inclusive, speak-truth-to-power style. He's apparently aiming to serve as the Chair of the Democratic National Committee, which I think would be a great idea. is the best looking site that is trying to build up support for Dean to serve as the Chair.

The best thing about Dean is that he calls out GOP excesses in plain language. Tom Delay is the most corrupt House Majority Leader in a generation, and Dean would not fear to call a spade a spade. That bold, clear language plays well, as it both inspires the base and earns respect if not agreement from swing voters.

One of John Kerry's biggest weaknesses was the sense that he wasn't resolute enough. There's a reason for that perception. Dean as DNC Chair can help to turn around that perception for the Democratic Party.

There are the Illinois Democrats who will vote on the next Chair. Any ideas how any of them might vote? (And just the fact that this Dean campaign for Chair is opening up the party process to understand how the Chair gets picked is a symbol of the transparency and empowerment that Dean's style represents).

* Hon. Michael Madigan

Hon. Constance Howard

Margaret Blackshere

Hon. Thomas C. Hynes

Hon. Emil Jones Jr.

Thomas Lakin

Hon. Iris Y. Martinez

Hon. John Rednour