Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Where are all the good Illinois Republicans going?

Another honest, accessible Republican hangs it up.

The Illinois Leader reports that Representative Eilenn Lyons is not going to run again. She joins other suburban Republicans like Dave Sullivan and (presumably) Steve Rauschenburger who were excellent legislators but are not coming back in 2007.

That's a downer.


respectful said...

Eileen is a moderate conservative who was in the legislature for the right reasons. She will be missed.

Lazerlou said...

Maybe it is that all the real Republicans, the rich ones, know that their interests lie mainly in Washington, where the big issues like capital gains taxes and estate taxes and Fed income taxes and corporate regulation are decided. The state social and cultural issues that attract the recenty duped and converted red voters are really just used for voted by those with money and power.

Anonymous said...

The last five years in IL have been discouraging from many perspectives. There have been more than one big business going away or messing up. It starts to take a toll on thousands of workers and employees. This is not really a partisan or government thing. Some of business high-ups who messed up are probably Republicans and some are Democrats. It probably took years to accumulate the problem.

Trying to tax our way out of this may not necessarily be the best idea. We need businesses that are expanding market share, building competitive products, and providing more jobs with higher wages (the state of IL gets more income tax revenue).