Saturday, August 04, 2007

Live at YearlyKos with the presidentials (version 6)

Barack: China is a competitor and as long as they are our banker and we are their debtors, we have less leverage. China is also manipulating their currency and closing their markets. In Africa and Latin America, the Chinese presence is as striking as the American absence. They are building roads and schools while we are obsessed with Iraq.

Dodd: Tragic sight of the adverTISEments (funky pronunciation) in DC newspapers asking for Arabic speakers after 911 to figure out what is going on. Wants a lot more global exchange.

Edwards: Pakistan is a problem. Unstable leader, nuclear power, anti-American population, Kashmir fight. Musharref said it would change everything if our kids had a public school education, USA should use soft power to educate 100M children. Opposed to 20B arms deal to Pakistan.

Richardson: Bush-Cheney policy to Musharref is one of appeasement. We won't force them to go after Al-Queda because it's domestically hard for him, We are so easy on him and we give him so much money. Richardson seems like he knows what's going on,

Interesting that

Barack: We need to change the political map together. We have got to expand the voter base. New people will let us go into Mississippi which is 40 percent black. Our rally in Atlanta had 20,000 people, 40 percent of whom were not registered to vote.

Hillary: We need to pay attention to the red parts of the blue states. Congratulates Howard Dean for the 50 state strategy.

Richardson: We need to push for same-day voter registration. (I like that!)

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