Saturday, August 04, 2007

Live at YearlyKos with the presidentials (version 4)

Congressman Kucinich calls for universal, single-payer, not-for-profit health care and notes that even the insurance companies want universal health care. He wants to put the money into health delivery. His new adjective is "not-for-profit" for the health care system we want. not bad.

Edwards: I will close Guantanamo. No illegal spying. No torture. And a transparent government. Calls to swear off all money from the Washington lobbyists and credits Obama for already doing it. Huge reponse.

Gravel gets asked about his support for the fairtax. But he gets a little odd. Maybe I'm not sure whether he adds a lot of value or not. He's a little Andy Rooney. But ends up with a somewhat coherent call for statutory power by referendum.

Next question is on Kucinich's idea to use the power of the purse to get out of Iraq. Clinton explained that Senate rules really hurt Dem attempts to pass legislation. Basically says we need more Senate GOP support in September.

Kucinich says the way to deal with Cheney is to impeach him for lying. And if the President won't withdraw from Iraq, impeach him too.

Dodd: The policy has been a failure but the troops have not been.

Richardson: I have a one-point plan: Get Out. Leave no residual forces behind. Create an all-Muslim peacekeeping force. De-authorize the war with a six-month withdrawal. We did it in three months in Kuwait.

Gravel: Vote on cloture every day. Get the votes from the GOP any way we can.

Obama: There's no excuse for the act of evil of 9-11 and by the way they were not in Iraq. And we have absolutely fanned anti-American sentiment by invading an innocent nation and helping to trigger a civil war. now, end the occupation of Iraq and win the war against Al-Queda that is stronger now than they were before. We have had a pattern in the past in the Middle East where we act unintelligently where we are interested only in oil and our own interests. Pretty close to telling the truth.

Edwards: Simple formula. Less allies, more terrorists. We should not accept Bush's framing.

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