Saturday, August 04, 2007

Live at YearlyKos with the presidentials (version 3)

The first statement from any candidate was Bill Richardson and he said "I screwed up on that one."

That was cool. The moderator (Joaninmd by her kos moniker) asked about Richardson's statement on Byron White as his ideal justice. And she's got a bit of a lisp, interestingly enough.

Dodd says the Administration is trampling over the Constitution. And he said he thinks we should not approve any more Supreme Court Justices until 2009. I buy that.

It is striking that Hillary is the only woman candidate. She pointed out that all candidates are for universal health care. Her three lessons: 1) Have a political strategy 2) Build a coalition and 3) Get ready for the drug companies, insurance companies and ideologues to attack.

Barack's question is on budget discipline. 1) Stop spending 275M every day on Iraq war. 2) Don't extend Bush tax cuts on highest income brackets and 3) Institute PAYGO. But he also says that "we've got to make some investments." And the biggest fiscal threat we have is Medicare and Medicaid and we need to control costs through universal health care for long-term fiscal discipline.

Edwards said we need big changes, not small changes. And he dodged his question and instead said the insurance, drug and oil companies will never give up their power. So you need someone who will fight them, has fought them and will continue to fight them to take the power back.

Richardson: These are fine speeches but I have balanced 9 budgets. He wants a balanced budget amendment and got booed. (Edwards got a great response).

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