Saturday, October 11, 2003

Chicago culture is changing thanks to Dusty Baker

The Cubs are almost certainly going to the World Series.

This changes the culture of Chicago.

There has always been a little inferiority complex, especially among Cub fans. We're kind of losers, goes the thinking. Nice people. Livable city. But not champions. Not top dogs.

And that is ending forever.

I'm in New York this weekend because my sister's film The Toll Collector is in the New York Film Festival. I bought a pizza in Queens before the Cubs game, and the guy behind the counter saw my Cubs hat and after asking if I was a fan, said with that Yankee fan confidence that we don't have a chance. Like a little symbol of our Second City status.

But that is changing.

It's funny how a sports team can help define the culture of a city. But they can.

And this lovable loser B.S. has been infecting Chicago culture for too long. It infects the way we think about our team and our city.

(You can hear some people complaining that they want the Cubs and Red Sox to lose, so we keep our 'mythic losers'. What a bunch of bull.)

We're going to the World Series. The Cubs are one of the best teams in baseball. And Dusty Baker's attitude is burying the last renmants of Chicago as a town of lovable losers.


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