Monday, October 27, 2003

Progressives in Illinios should stop ComEd from ripping us off

A money-hungry private company looking to increase profits by raising the price of their product -- that's pretty standard and not really a bad thing.

But when that money-hungry company is the electic company and the users don't have a choice but to pay the price -- well, that's a bad thing.

That's what happening in Illinois. ComEd, the electric company, is looking to change state law so it can charge higher prices to all of us and increase profits to the shareholders (who live all over the country, and probably all over the world).

This should be easy -- do you help Illinois consumers of ComEd shareholders?

The Citizens Utility Board is leading a coalition to make sure that ComEd doesn't convince the Illinois General Assembly to pick ComEd shareholders over the rest of us.

Here is their press release from today.

Call your state legislators and tell them to vote for Illinois consumers instead of ComEd shareholders.

(Hopefully this vote will be better than the vote in April or May that favored SBC/Ameritech over Illinois consumers where 73 or so representatives and 31 or so senators voted with SBC. And by the way, the legislators that voted against SBC and for Illinois consumers really ought to be congratulated. I should list them somewhere on my main site,

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