Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Universal health insurance -- by county

Check out what Santa Clara (CA) is doing for universal health insurance here

They've made a public policy goal to get insurance for every child in the county.

One way is through aggressive enlistments in state and county low-income health insurance programs.

And they are funded with tobacco settlement money as well as private/foundation funds.

We should copy this in every county in Illinois. And, for that matter, the country.

Of course, maybe we should just buy basic health insurance for every child in the county. But the Santa Clara program is worth emulating.

I mean, we've got more health care professionals in Cook County than you can count. Major hospitals, major univesities, major think tanks. We're spending enough money now to cover everyone. We just need to get people together and spend this money right.

(Every time I see a commercial for an insurance company, it makes me mad. It's just wasted money.)

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