Sunday, August 15, 2004

Alan Keyes as Judy Garland. Obama might carry DuPage County (with Kirk Dillard's vote).

You know, I've been trying to look at Alan Keyes' campaign in a positive way. He's very intelligent. He's opinionated. It's nice that there are two black candidates running in November. This is a chance for Barack to reframe the debate all over the nation.

But with all due respect to Dan Proft, this is getting dumber and dumber.

Alan Keyes went on CBS to sing Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

It's here.

It must be seen. Please watch it.

And then say to yourself, as I said to myself, "what the hell is happening to the Illinois Republican Party?"

I think Barack Obama might carry DuPage County. And Kirk Dillard might vote for him.

The first person to see a Bush/Obama sign in Naperville wins.

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