Sunday, August 15, 2004

Manchurian Candidate a good, spooky movie that could help the Dems

I liked a few things about the new film. I won't give anything away, but if you want to see it fresh without any information at all, consider this your spoiler alert. So stop reading.

The bad guy is the Carlyle Group (named Manchurian Financial in the movie). This private equity fund with top connected shareholders that gets no-bid Pentagon contracts for military contractors also has a touch of Halliburton. These are some bad people (war profiteers, etc.) and they ought to be more well-known than they are. If this movie helps, great. It might alienate a few swing voters away from the GOP. I also like the dig at Diebold's paperless touch screen voting (listen to the radio during a party). The spooky movie's plot is about a corporate coup. And if people think about stuff like that, they are unlikely to support the Party of Corporate Power.

One mistake: when Meryl Streep was pitching other party leaders during the convention in front of a national map that showed the electoral vote for each state, the map showed Illinois with 22 votes. That has not been true since 2001, when we lost our 20th Member of Congress, leaving us with only 19. And that gives us 21 electoral votes, not 22.

The other mistake: not casting Joan Allen in the part. Meryl Streep was sort of a weak link.

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