Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Novak: Could Arnold give GOP a Cali lock? Reality: No.

Robert Novak in his Sun-Times column wonders whether Governor Schwarzenegger could hand the Republican Party a permanent presidential lock by delivering California into the Red State small-state quilt. The column is here and also in the nifty link feature above.

Novak writes that Arnold has a 65% popularity rating, and if he campaigned in California with President Bush, then maybe, just maybe, Bush could beat Kerry in California. And if that happened, then Bush gets re-elected no matter what happens in Ohio, Florida and/or Pennsylvania.

Man, I hope the Bush campaign takes the bait and wastes all that money and time campaigning in California. Because there's no way that a pro-life, pro-oil, pro-empire and pro-gun Texas president could come close to a majority of the vote in California, no matter how much Arnold pumps him up. There's no Maria Shriver to tell nervous California voters that Bush is OK (as she did for her husband in the recall election, which helped to seal the deal).

Novak writes that Karl Rove and the Bush campaign were criticized for investing in California in 2000 since the Dems dominated the race. I hope they do it again.

Also, on a technical note, I put up a google ad on the side. Now. . .I'll be rich!

And also, congratulations to frequent commenter Vasyl Markus for landing a Crain's op-ed on Keyes' domicile issues with his ballot status. The article is here, but you've got to be a subscriber to read it. (If you can afford it, it's a great paper and worth the buck-an-issue).

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