Thursday, August 05, 2004

Quick media report on the Keyes story

The Chicago Tribune is MIA. At midnight, there's still no mention that Keyes got the ask and the old story on two finalists is still up.

The Sun-Times has a lead story up on the site, but ends with an analysis of power-broker "Senator Dave Syverson of Hinsdale." Yeah. He lives in Rockford. Here's his bio.

And I can't believe that Syverson didn't get a firm commitment from Keyes to take the nomination if asked. Now there's a story for three days as Keyes thinks it over? It's like they are asking to get turned down again. At least the Draft Ditka and Edgar and Dave Duerson movements were all outside of the elected party leadership, so the perpetual rejections weren't really from the party. This time the party has asked someone to run officially without knowing that he'll do it beforehand. That's risky.

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