Monday, August 30, 2004

Guest blogger Dave Moody on the shock to come: Bush-McCain ticket

This is my first guest blogger, Dave Moody. The only reason this ridiculous prediction is going on my blog is so that I don't have to hear it anymore. So, Moody, take it away:

A friend mentioned to me yesterday that there was a buzz about John McCain being selected as Bush's vice president. This is starting to make more and more sense for team Bush. From McCain's point of view, he becomes heir apparent in 2008 as the incumbent VP. All while staying loyal to his party. From Bush's point of view, he gets rid of creepy, reclusive (in the pubic eye) Cheney, who they can then make out as a scape goat for all that's wrong with the administration. Though I think Cheney was an asset to Bush in 2000 as an intellectual balance, I think many now see him as a liability. With McCain on the ticket, the crucial swing voters who need only a small nudge in one direction or another would be drawn to his moderation and common sense. This could give legitimacy (to them) to another Bush administration. McCain could even further dip into the Kerry-voting-but-not-totally-sure demographic for people who don't like Bush and his administration, but are hesitant to change things during what they may see as an internationlly volatile time. Could it really happen? In spite of Bush having made his decision to stick with Cheney and being loathe to be portrayed as a flip-flopper himself, all that really needs to happen is for Cheney to be persuaded to drop out "for reasons of health." It just makes sense for the Republicans on many levels.

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