Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Idle gossip and speculation

One good thing about showing up to endorsement interviews in IVI-IPO: you get to chat with the electeds. So what are some of the potential scenarios to make the 2006 primary elections interesting? Somebody has got to give up their statewide slot or it could be a status quo primary. Well. . . what if Kerry wins and appoints Durbin to his Cabinet? Then what if Rod (I think the governor gets to fill the vacancy) slots Lisa Madigan to go to D.C.? Now things open up. Maybe Dan Hynes runs for A-G which opens up Comptroller. Maybe Jesse White decides to retire and the motherlode of old school statewide positions opens up. Maybe Paul Vallas runs for governor. Now that would be an awesome race. Can anyone beat Blago's $25 million? Maybe Paul Vallas if he campaigns Downstate and all the angry Dems actually break with Rod and formally endorse Paul. And if all the good-government women vote in the Democratic primary. Remember a big reason Vallas lost is because Corinne Wood pulled a lot of reform voters to the GOP primary in 2002. I hope we get some good races.

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