Wednesday, September 08, 2004

A columnist wrongly calls politics evil. My response to the defamation.

I submitted this Letter to the Editor to the Chicago Tribune today. I hope they publish it. The original column is here.

In David Martin's column about two old men who end their friendship over the 1960 presidential election, Martin's conclusion is that "politics is a necessary evil, but it's an evil nonetheless."

Politics, more precisely defined as 'democracy,' is far from evil. It is one of the noblest pursuits of mankind. What else asks us all -- from the wealthiest to the most humble -- to set the direction of human history? Here and now, in the midst of the political season, the most powerful leaders in the world are asking our permission to continue to serve in office. We're asked to publicly grapple with the biggest questions: how best to secure peace, prosperity and liberty and justice for all? The fate of the world rests on each of our shoulders.

I'm sorry that Mr. Martin's neighbors weren't able to accept their awesome responsibility as citizens and politely share their reasons for supporting different candidates. But the blame for their lost friendship should fall on the personal shortcomings of those two men, and not on 'politics' which remains one of the greatest triumphs in human history.

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