Saturday, September 11, 2004

Why did Building 7 collapse in New York?

In the spirit of "In America, we can talk about *anything* we want to," I've always wondered why Building 7 collapsed on 9/11. Remember that 45-story building next to the Twin Towers that collapsed in the afternoon? That wasn't hit by a plane. It is the only steel skyscraper to collapse from a fire in history. Why did that collapse? The Federal Emergency Management Agency surmised that diesel fuel in the basement might have melted the bottom of the building. But with the secrecy of the Bush Administration, I'm not 100% comfortable that they are telling us the complete truth.

Here's a listing of 9/11 anamolies. I'd like to think there's a logical answer to all of these anamolies, but I'm a little uncomfortable with some of them. And I would not put anything past some of those neo-imperialists around Dick Cheney who sincerely believed that America needed "another Pearl Harbor" to get public supoprt for building up military might in the Middle East. These guys are absolutely ruthless.

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