Sunday, September 05, 2004

Dean's good phrase to echo: "fiscally responsible" instead of conservative/liberal

We should avoid the conservative/liberal label as much as possible, since it favors the corporate wing of the GOP. More people think of themselves as 'fiscally conservative' then 'fiscally liberal' because 'fiscally conservative' seems prudent and thrifty while 'fiscally liberal' seems wasteful. However, the rich guy tax cuts (both the estate tax repeal and the 39.6% to 35% top tax rate shift) of the Bush years don't fit into either category well. They are reckless and irresponsible, but not 'liberal' and certainly not 'conservative.'

So Dr. Dean calls his platform 'fiscally responsible' and calls the Bush Administration the most fiscally irresponsible Administration in American history. Those are great lines and we should echo them constantly.

Progressives are socially liberal (or tolerant, if you will) and (say it together now. . . .) fiscally responsible.

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