Monday, September 06, 2004

Labor Day: Howard Dean's message, new LaborBlog, my column coming

Happy Labor Day!

Howard Dean has a good message here (courtesy of TruthOut).

And courtesy of Nathan Newman, a new LaborBlog that will help the discussion and planning on how to ramp up labor to raise all of our living standards.

I'm not a member of a labor union. But I have come to believe that organized labor makes my life better, because they are the strongest progressive political force in the country and they spend an awful lot of their energy and resources on battles that help everyone, like raising the minimum wage and expanding health insurance for everyone and keeping Social Security out of the hands of Wall Street.

So I'll be watching the coming battle to modernize the AFL-CIO, led by people like Andy Stern of SEIU ("I'm fired up!"). And maybe then the AFL-CIO will start endorsing more candidates like Barack Obama in primaries instead of Dan Hynes.

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