Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The best time of year. . .first day of a legislative session

I love this. The new General Assembly convenes with 177 people and all is possibility. Want to invest in the lives of poor children? Want to wean our state off of imported oil? Want to raise wages to boost our economy? This is the time to think big and then to ask a legislator to carry a bill. And they are hungry for good bills. They want a bill that will solve a problem and make life better for people that isn't too large or complicated. If you have never called your state rep and state senator before, do it today. Just call and leave a message of congratulations. Especially for Blue America, this session is important. We are part of showing a counter narrative to the corporate-conservative agenda of the federal GOP. Life is better in Blue America and we are one of only a dozen or so states that can show the rest of the country how that is true. Let's get to work.


Anonymous said...

Dan, is the constitutional ban on progressive income tax applicable to corporations as well as individuals? (My guess would be yes insofar as corporations are considerd individuals under the law). That would be a good place to start this session. Incidentally, not one of my brilliant University of Chicago Law Professors could ever answer the question of why corporations are considered individuals and can invoke the same rights as actual people. Not one of them.

FightforJustice said...

The state constitution requires a flat rate income tax on corporations as well as individuals.

Tho many reform bills will be introduced, few that gore the ox of powerful interests will be advanced. Small and marginal reform is the best one can hope for in the GA.