Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Ryno a Hall of Famer. Sweet

Ryne Sandberg made it into the Hall of Fame. He was a mainstay of the greatest baseball team in history: the 1984 Cubs. Well, at least to me.

Here is the take on Sandber's inclusion by the greatest Cubs writer on the net: Coogan "Warm Can" Oldstyle. If you are a Cubs fan, email him at to get on his list of updates during the year.

Dear readers,
As the cubs continue to hibernate through the winter while the rest of the NL gets stronger, we have at least something to celebrate. A warm can of Old Style goes to Ryne Sandberg, who was voted into the hall of fame today. The baseball writers of America finally voted for something that makes sense. Sorry that Sandberg didn't kiss the butts of writers or run out on the field and perform flip flops unlike other recent hall selectees. All Ryno did was rule as the game's best all around second baseman from 1984 to 1990. Sandberg. Former GM Larry Himes treated Sandberg like sh*t. Sandberg never complained publically until he had left the game. The man is complete class, a quiet, underspoken legend. No other second baseman in the NL comes close to Sandberg in his era. Never had their been a power hitting second baseman. His homerun record for second baseman shattered loud mouth Joe Morgan. The record was recently broken by another Sandberg-like underrated contemporary--Jeff Kent. This warm can goes to Ryno.

warm can coogan oldstyle

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