Monday, January 31, 2005

Gene Moore screws over affordable housing again

One of the big disappointments of the last two days of the 93rd General Assembly was the lack of consensus on the affordable housing program that the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless had been doggedly pushing for two years.

Mark Brown fingers Cook County Recorder of Deeds Eugene "Gene" Moore as the culprit in his column here.

One reason why Gene Moore is able to get so many people to listen to him: he is also the Proviso Township Democratic Party Committeeman. And Proviso Township had more Democratic primary votes than any other township or ward in Cook County in 2004. It was the #1 organization in terms of raw Democratic primary votes.

I hope the tolerance for Gene Moore's mess-ups has come to an end in the General Assembly on this issue and the advocates can get the leadership to get this program implemented in 2005.

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Phocion said...

Gene's hold on Proviso Township is tenuous at best. He allied with the white mayors and backed Hynes - Obama clobbered Hynes with over 80% in the 04 primary. The only reason he's still Committeeman is because the white mayors didn't want to give Karen Yarbrough too much power. Karen made her bed with these guys, trying to come off as an independent; now she's forced to share power with Gene - a likeable fellow, but the worst of party hacks.