Friday, January 28, 2005

Carol Marin nails it -- someone in the White House should be charged

In Carol Marin's column today, she hits the White House for its criminal conduct -- taxpayer-funded propoganda infecting our news. At least two commentators have been paid taxpayer dollars in order to trumpet how great the government's programs are. That's illegal activity. The commentators have been outed and apologized, but the people responsible for paying them remain unknown. The White House denies any responsibility and is trying to blame it on some rogue Cabinet members.

That's not right. Someone should be charged with criminal activity. The Bush Administration can't get away with spending our money to tell us how well they are spending our money.


Lazerlou said...

Make that 3 Dan. Salon revealed yet another today. It makes me sick.

Chicagogal said...

Greetings.. Ridiculous indeed.. It's like the more outrageous it gets from the Bush administration, the less people care.. I'm not sure what to make of that.. I mean literally paying the media, how does one get away with that??
I enjoyed the suntimes link.. I put a link with an article from the New York Times on my blog , which is coincidentally on as well. Here is a link for the National Conference on Media Reform taking place in May.. Lots of big names there. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

Lets get our worthless US Atty (Patrick Fitzgerld) on it. How long will it take for him to move on this issue? Justice is a joke in the Bush Admin.

Stephen said...

Tracing responsibility is easy. There are at least two names on every contract, one from the govt. Every government signer has a Roles and Responsibilities document corresponding to her spot on the org chart. All you need is an Attorney General to decide to pursue it. Or do we still have an AG like Janet Reno who'd decide it's not worth pursuing?