Monday, May 17, 2004

Bill Daley leaves SBC. Great!

Now that Bill Daley is no longer a top dog at SBC (story is here), the likelihood of another ridiculous rip-off-consumers bill slamming through the General Assembly has gone down.

I'm really curious to see where Daley ends up. I hope he gets back into government -- I've always liked him.

(Isn't that a wierd thing about government and politics? I've met Bill Daley for all of 15 seconds, yet I can talk about him as we're friends. "I like him." Maybe there's some insight into the way we view our government leaders. Or maybe it's just me.)

Update -- he's landed with J.P.Morgan (Bank One/First Chicago) as the Midwest Chairman (news story here). Well, if there are state banking laws that the New York banks want changed in Illinois. . . .watch out.

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