Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Blair Hull was a Libertarian in the late '80s. That's awesome.

Jeff Trigg, the Director of the Libertarian Party of Illinois, and the blogmaster of Random Act of Kindness, found out that Blair Hull (Dem candidate for U.S. Senate) was a member of the Libertarian Party in 1988.

Somehow that makes me like him so much more. Minor parties are great, as they are completely policy-driven. If only we used Irish voting, so minor parties could exist, educate voters and inform the popular will without spoiling established party candidates closer to them. Soon! Soon we'll fix the problem.

I think Blair Hull can have a huge future in Illinois (and national) politics if he spends some of his money on continuing the fight for political reform, health care for all and higher wages for working people. He had a great platform, and just because he wasn't personally suited to be a great legislator, he can be enormously helpful and influential in advancing smart policies. I hope he will be.

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