Thursday, May 20, 2004

Health Care Justice Act passes Senate --

This is why Senator Obama is going to be such an effective U.S. Senator.

Yesterday the Health Care Justice Act passed the Illinois Senate, with one vote to spare (31-26-1).

All the Democrats voted YES except for Senator Denny Jacobs (Moline, voted NO) and Senator James Clayborne (East St. Louis, wasn't on the floor). All the Republicans voted NO except for Senator Christine Radogno (LaGrange, voted PRESENT).

Senator Obama was apparently magnificent during the 75 minute floor debate.

We've got another week to get this through the House (since the House bill was amended in the Senate, the House has to vote to concur with the Senate amendments, which Willie Delgado has already filed to do).

The group that pushed for this the hardest is the Campaign For Better Health Care. Reward them for their good work by joining their organization and sending them some money. Their website is here and their membership sign up is here.

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