Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Health Care Justice Act passes House

Great progressive victory today. The Health Care Justice Act passed the House (on a motion to concur with the Senate amendments) with 62 votes and is now sent to Governor Blagojevich to sign into law. Here is the roll call. Congratulations to Willie Delgado and everyone who worked on this.

I wrote my column in the Third Coast Press about how Illinois can be the Saskatchewan of the Canadian health care movement (the province of Saskatachewan in the 50s or 60s started to implement a government-funded health care system where everyone was covered, which proved to be so successful and popular that the rest of the nation followed a decade later). I'll post that to my main site when the Third Coast Press is printed.

By the way, the latest draft of the omnibus election reform bill still has the 14-day grace period for voter registration, and the speculation is that it will be filed Friday or Saturday. And the talk is that the House and Senate will be in all weekend, working up until the Monday deadline to pass a budget before the 3/5 rule kicks in (meaning that it takes 60% of the vote to pass anything, so Republicans hold a veto in each chamber, as Republicans hold more than 40% of the seats in each chamber).

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