Monday, May 17, 2004

Health care progress in Illinois -- final push for Health Care Justice Act

This is a great bill: the Health Care Justice Act. It's a process bill (something we progressives love to push for), but probably the right move in Illinois. If we want everyone to have health insurance in Illinois (the way it happened in Canada, by the way, when Saskatchewan moved forward on their own before the entire country followed suit), we've got to figure out how to do it in a way that works for us.

So the bill is HB 2268. One of my favorite legislators, Willie Delgado, is the House sponsor, and another one of my favorites Barack Obama is carrying it in the Senate. The Senate is getting sticky, and the latest move to extend third reading deadline until 2005 isn't great news for getting this thing passed in the next two weeks, but let's hope Barack can get this thing back to the House for concurrence.

And even better than hoping, call President Jones' office at 217.782.3905 and ask them to pass the Health Care Justice Act.

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