Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Cynthia McKinney's coming back to Congress. . .awesome

I sent in my $20 to the Cynthia McKinney campaign, but didn't really think she'd win. Now it looks like one of the Congress' most outspoken progressives is coming back after getting knocked out in 2002 by a big GOP cross-over vote in the primary, and that's great news. She was pegged as anti-Israel, but today, just talking about Israel has become a taboo in the U.S.. Since McKinney has been willing to challenge U.S. policy towards Israel, she got targeted. I think that's wrong, as our foreign policy needs vigorous critics, and I'm glad to see her come back to Congress.

This Reuters story has Cynthia McKinney leading the primary field for a triumphant return to Congress.

I first heard about her race Monday night at the IVI-IPO dinner when emcee Cliff Kelley mentioned that he hoped she would win.

She has been an outspoken advocate for ending single-member districts. She's pushing for instant runoff voting. And she's that rare elected Democrat who reaches out to third party voters instead of demonizing them (she came and spoke to a Campus Greens convention in Austin last year).

I like a heterogeneous legislature and Cynthia McKinney's voice ought to be heard. Good news! 

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