Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The nation has 600,000 Illinois Democratic voters to thank for Barack Obama's keynote speech

How did this happen? How did one of our best and brightest rise to prominence? Partly because 600,000 people on a cold March Tuesday in Illinois voted in a primary election for him. Most pundits talk about Barack's traits: his intelligence, charisma and drive. And they ask 'how did *he* do it?' as if he climbed a mountain or ran a marathon. But the truth is that we in Illinois did it. We made Barack Obama powerful with our votes. And we picked an excellent representative. I think that part can get lost. I think that's why old men were crying tonight - cunning, tough, wily, *elected* old men. Because they know that they helped make Barack Obama powerful. And they feel part of something bigger than themselves and something nobler. A thoughtful electorate is the greatest force for justice in the world. Because of our votes a few months ago (and all the work that led up to those votes), the nation will be a more humane and decent country than before. That's the sense of power and promise from Barack Obama that makes old state senators cry.

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