Thursday, July 15, 2004

Ditka won't run. But will he coach?

There isn't a potentially better Illinois GOP chair than Mike Ditka. People love that guy. How can you not? And if anyone can warm up those southern oily Republicans running the White House and make those corporate handmaidens seem not like the boss who stole the pension but instead like a nice guy to drink a beer with, it is Mike Ditka. So the Draft Ditka movement of a half-dozen guys and a website has so far been wildly successful. But it isn't enough. They aren't successful until Ditka agrees to chair the party after Judy Baar Topinka steps down in November. If he says yes then somebody better do a magazine article about these guys. If he says no. . . well, they gave it a shot. (And isn't serving as a party chair somewhat analagous to coaching? You don't have to run or legislate, but you have to lead by inspiration and set the tone for the team.) He'd be an amazing chair. I sure hope he says no!

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