Friday, July 30, 2004

New York Governor Pataki vetoes minimum wage increase. He should live on $5.15 an hour. And you can help override the veto.

From the Working Families Party in New York State comes this word:

after passing state legislation through the New York Senate and House to raise the $5.15/hour mimium wage to $7.10, Governor Pataki vetoed the bill.

One more reason why voting for Democrats matters -- especially when they aren't horrible Democrats.

(Can you believe there's a Republican Governor in New York State? What's the deal with that? Then again, there's a Republican Mayor of New York City, so what are you going to do?)

If you know anyone in New York State, ask them to email Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno (R-Albany) and schedule a vote to override the veto.

His email is or you can mail a letter to Sen. Joseph Bruno, 909 LOB, Albany NY12247 or fax: 518-455-2448.

Hey, at least Governor Blagojevich signed (and campaigned on) the minimum wage bill in Illinois in 2003. He might have had a pretty useless 2004 session, but he and the rest of the General Assembly had a pretty great 2003 session. And note that advocates in New York State pointed to Illinois and California as the other two big industrial states that hasn't had any job loss from our state increase in the minimum wage. Progress here helps progress elsewhere.

(Hey, students looking for a paper to write. Write a paper on the effect of the minimum wage increase in Illinois. Any job loss? If you can show that there has not been, that will help. Call some business; do a survey. It will help).

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