Friday, July 02, 2004

One good thing the Gov did: no special sessions over the weekend

I just found out Governor Blagojevich called in the next special session for Tuesday, instead of tomorrow (and then Sunday, then Monday, then Tuesday).

That's the first class move he's made since he started the special session mess at the end of June. There's no reason to force legislators to sit around over the 4th of July weekend.

Just raise the 3% income tax to 4% and cut corporate welfare and be done with this budget mess!

(Though I guess the burden is on me: what precise corporate welfare programs do I think we ought to cut? Maybe the state funds that support the bonds that built up McCaskey Family Stadium -- I mean, Soldier Field. Or the state funds that built up Enrich Reinsdorf and Company Park. . .I mean, Comiskey. . .I mean U.S. Cellular Field.)

I'm looking for specific line-items. I need some ideas. What should we cut? Comment away, everybody (especially Jeff Trigg). The budget, on Comptroller Dan Hynes' really good (almost overwhelmingly good) website is here.

And by the way. . .GO CUBS!! They just took at 3-2 lead over the Welfare (waah, waah, build me a stadium taxpayers, or I'll move to Florida) Sox.

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