Sunday, June 12, 2005

Andy Stern at Rainbow PUSH

Andy Stern of SEIU (wearing a purple button down) spoke next. He said the following. Leadership is easy to figure out. It's going first. It's getting off the road that everybody is on and making anew road by walking it. Making change is like a sailboat. In DC people try to get their hands on the till of the sailboat and steer progress. But the till doesn't move the boat -- the wind does. In the 60s, the civil rights movement was the wind and Lyndon Johnson held on to that till as hard as he could. We need to be the wind of change. And labor needs to be the wind of change, so that labor grows stronger, not smaller. And if SEIU must walk alone off the same failed path that labor has been walking for years, then Goddamnit, we're walking! And the crowd roared.

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