Monday, June 13, 2005

Quigley announces for County Board President

Mike Quigley is announcing his campaign for President in the Hotel Allegro right now. He is first out of the gate and campaigning on a message of real change and against a tired, insiders-only way of governing. The challenge will be convincing the base that efficiency and no new taxes means the mission of the county is enhanced not hurt. It is clearly true, but some voters need to be convinced. This is an exciting campaign. Full disclosure: I'm on the Board of Young Chicago Lakefront which is supporting the Quigley campaign.


Decatur Democrat said...

Sounds a bit like another up and comer that announced at the Hotel Allegro 2 years before him. I'm still holding out to see what Claypool does.

Anonymous said...

Both of these guy's have been on the board along with stroger and even though they have made some noise and opposed stoger on issues they still need to bear some of the blame on how bad things are in cook county. Vote for Ald. Ed Smith as county board Pres.