Sunday, June 12, 2005

The people, not the utility investors, are better off thanks to Illinois Democrats running the General Assembly

Although this likely qualifies as 'old news' I think it's important to remember that, thanks largely to Speaker Madigan, neither SBC nor ComEd got their requested rate hike this year from the Illinois General Assembly.

Current rates will remain in place for another two years, pending any action by the ICC to approve a reverse auction of rates. For details, check out (and join) the Citizens Utility Board. Ten bucks a year matters -- join them here.

This means that because Democrats are running the state government, the people will not have to pay more money for electricity and telephone service to enrich the owners of utility company stock.

Instead, thanks to Democrats in charge, the people will have more money to spend. This is wealth creation and economic development manifested through utility policy.

Speaker Michael Madigan, the state's most effective consumer advocate on utility issues, deserves thanks and the Democratic Party deserves bottom-line voter loyalty from those of us who do not own stock in the utility companies but do buy electricity or telephone service.

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