Sunday, June 12, 2005

Wrapup: Jackson calls for a new southern strategy

I decided not to blog about every speaker so here are some highlights. The head of UNITE HERE: God didn't make manufacturing jobs good jobs, the CIO unions did! Antonio Gonzalez calling for a 30 year progressive plan to match the 3-prong plan the conservatives hatched a long time ago based on their 3 perceived problems: the world is getting too uppitty, Americans have too many rights and the wealthy aren't getting enough of the pie. At the end, Reverend Jackson called for taking the civil rights labor coalition to the South where most states' populations are relatively poorer, relatively less educated and have a higher percentage of minorities. In other words, the Democratic base of people that stand to benefit from more public investment. One last statistic from the Reverend about the state of the South: 23 state prisons. . . .and one state university. Chilling.

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