Sunday, June 12, 2005

More Rainbow PUSH discussion on progressive agenda

Leslie Keegan (sp?), a peace organizer, spoke next. We need to support the growing number of young people who are not enlisting in an unjust war. The only way to end this war is to end it and send the troops home. And the Congress must say not one more dollar for this war. It reminds me that Abner Mikva said the Vietnam War only ended when Congress decided not to fund it anymore. Finally, we should cancel all contracts with Friends of Diick Cheney. Cliff Kelley said that we don't pressure our electeds enough between elections, but that ACORN knows how to do that. Margaret Hurd (sp?) of ACORN reminded that grass-roots organizing can win some real, significant victories. (Obama spoke about the nameless, faceless folks who jammed the churches during the civil rights movement and secured justice, and how today, in the same way, if we want schools that create futures for poor children, regular people must join the movement, devote themselves to justice and improve the unacceptable status quo). ACORN is a good group to support as well. She said we can't just criticize we must participate in politics. And always, always grow.

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