Wednesday, June 08, 2005

DNC funder with Governor Dean on Sunday with cheap tix

People often complain that politicians are only accountable to the fat cats who can go to $1000 a plate dinners for their fundraisers.

Well, Governor Dean is having a funder for the Democratic Party on Sunday in Chicago, and student tickets are $35. Regular tickets are $50.

That's cool. That's how the party of the people should be funded. Lots of people making contributions.

It's from 4 to 6 at the Hilton on Sunday.

If you want to come, click here.

And if you vote Democratic, you should come, especially since the corporate media are hammering Dean for speaking candidly about the base of the GOP.

If you're a little more policy-oriented, check out Rainbow/PUSH's annual convention which draws every heavy hitter in the Democratic Party to town. It's here, and some of the days are open to the public.

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