Saturday, June 18, 2005

Beyond the Beltway, Batman Begins

A little alliteration. . .

I'll be the Democratic guest on Bruce DuMont's nationally-synidicated radio show, Beyond The Beltway, this Sunday from 6 pm to 8 pm on WLS, 890 am. Check out other stations around the country here.

I'll predict that the Big Brother indefinite-detention-with-no-oversight policy of the Bush Administration that puts all of us in greter danger and the gratitude that Senator Durbin deserves for reading an FBI memo on the Senate floor on this atrocity in America's name will be the topic of discussion, but we shall see.

On an unrelated matter, Batman Begins is an awesome movie. As a friend of mine (and former frequent poster) put it: Batman Begins make the other Batmans look like the Police Academy franchise. Plus, Gotham is in Chicago, and it's very cool to see Arkham Asylum on the Chicago River. The El is transformed into a Wayne Enterprises futuristic monorail. Great movie.


Illinois Woman said...

I heard the show, and I am sorry you had to endure the irrational rantings of that fellow Illinois woman. She is misguided in her belief that Geo. W. Bush is telling the truth.

The fact is, as you well know, Bush misled us into war, and our soldiers are at risk directly because of Bush's purposeful lying about the lack of intelligence that he (and Tony Blair) knew didn't exist. So he lied.

The fact is that Bush did challenge the Iraqi militants with the phrase "Bring 'em on!"

This just proves how little attention the average republican pays to the news. The republican panelist didn't even own up to remembering the "Bring 'em on" fiasco that did, indeed lead to an upsurge of violence in Iraq, CAUSING MORE AMERICAN TROOPS TO BE SERIOUSLY INJURED OR EVEN DIE.

They are so forgiving of that bumbling, manipulative chimp that their darkside comes out when screeching at right-thinking Patriots, like you!

Keep up the excellent work in fighting the good fight.

FightforJustice said...

Dan sounded good. The problem with being THE Democrat or THE Republican on such a show is you have to argue your side is always right. I'm afraid reality isn't quite so black and white.

Nathan Kaufman said...

The El in Chicago today looks the same today as it did in the movie Blues Brothers (1980).

Nathan Kaufman said...

Has anyone considered adding an additional El Line in Chicago? (please note "consider" - not saying definitely do it)

How about considering the feasibility of some sort of line from the lakefront (around Irving Park or Addison or somewhere around there) over to the blue line?
-This might help with traffic congestion (east west roads such as belmont, addison, irving park)(interestate to O'Hare)
-This might help people be more productive (can work on stuff on train when commuting vs. sitting in traffic) and save money (less risk of auto accident and auto tickets, less use of gas, eliminate need for as much parking, etc)
-This might help with tourism (can fly into O'Hare and take the train to Wrigley - difficult to do currently)