Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Amtrak's boss fired by Bush board ... not good

David Gunn, universally praised as one of the best CEOs in Amtrak's history, has been sacked by the Board of Directors.

That's not a good sign.

The Bush Administration is pushing hard to break up or bankrupt Amtrak, which would put our economy even deeper into the hands of the oil producers, as we'd have to drive or fly for most intercity transportation.

News reports like this AP story mention that "Amtrak has never made any money" but that's like saying O'Hare has never made any money or that Interstate 94 has never made any money. The point in transportation is to get good public investment. Trains are a good investment, but the cut-taxes-for-the-rich crowd that runs the Bush Administration don't see that.

It's too bad that David Gunn has been fired. He was very good for Amtrak.

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Levois said...

I'm pro-tax cuts but I'm pro Amtrak and this just has to be a stupid move.