Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Judy's Cicero announcement at cool Czech restaurant

Cross-posted on Illinoize:

Judy's announcement today in Cicero took place at Klas Restaurant on Cermak Road. Klas is the largest Czech restaurant in the nation and is one of the most ornate places I've seen in the western burbs.

As you can imagine, Al Capone frequented the place.

If you've never been, it's worth a visit. The website is here. And the mix of Mexican and Eastern European cultures is a nice American story as well.

(It's also an interesting contrast to Governor Blagojevich's announcement at A. Finkl Steel plant on the north side of Chicago where his father worked for years).


Nathan Kaufman said...


What is Topinka's stance on taxes?

Dan Johnson-Weinberger said...

So far, she has refused to make a no-new-taxes pledge, which I think is great since our state income tax at 3% (flat rate) is too low.

Bill Baar said...

And what tax rate is appropriate if 3% is too low?

I was a member of United Steel Workers union and worked at Harrington - King perforating over in the Island. At that time in the early 70s there was Hotpoint, Victor Gasket, Phoell Screw... plants employeeing thousands. All gone and just empty lots over there.

Any way, dumpling, roast pork, and kraut a fine way to start a campaign. I'd take that over the industrial solvents that covered the steel coils I worked with.