Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Most Significant Story of the Month: The pivot in public opinion against the President's war

The pivot of public opinion against the War in Iraq, symbolized by Representative Murtha’s (D-PA) call for a withdrawal. Now that a majority of Americans have apparently come to the conclusion that the Iraqi invasion, lustily-longed for by the New Imperialists (or neo-conservatives) in the Bush Administration since 1991 and finally launched under clouds of lies when the nation was freaked out by 9/11, has turned into a horrible situation, the political consensus on other issues may shift away from letting the President do essentially whatever he wants. (See Loser of the Month for more)


Lazerlou said...

I've seen to 2004 election andthe damage done. A little part of it in everyone. But every moderate is like a setting sun.

Where was the public 2 years ago? When did people become so tolerant of war. The public should be shown gory pictures of dead disfigured, burned bodies and weekping wives and mothers everyday. War is awful and it is a shameful sign of the times that public opinion had anywhere to turn.

Bill Baar said...

Why did all put three members of the house vote to stay put then?

They would have voted to withdraw but in six months instead?

So you tell our troops this is a mistake and we're getting out, but in six months, so stay put for a little while?

That's a heck of a line for a party to take. We've been fooled by Bush, but we want you to stick it out for a decent interval before we quit.

The Democrats have collapsed as a serious party and they will implode in the Primary between the anti war crowd who see the foolishness here.

I saw it in 1968 right here in Chicago, and we'll see history repeat again but this time as farce I'm afraid.

The sad end of a once great party.

Lazerlou said...

All but three voted not to "stay put" but not to withdraw all troops immediately. Let's not view the Repub's political stunt in the House as more than just that, Mr. Bill Baar.
And yes, you tell the troops and the public we are getting out of there in such a way as to maintain political stability as best we can, which everyone, even the biggest critics of this bogus war, recognizes is a gradual pull out. Look at Obama's plan. You republicans have exhausted your BS argument about how criticism of the war is somehow unfair or undermines the troops we have over there. It is time to see the world as a complex problem needing well-planned, nuanced solutions, not in a black and white, us vs. them mentality.