Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Senate Democrats push back in DC

When the Vice-President's Chief of Staff is indicted and then resigns for trading our national security for partisan advantage, it's time to hold power accountable.

Today, the Senate Democrats led by Harry Reid and our own Dick Durbin, pushed back hard, forcing the Senate into a closed session.

That's what an opposition party is for.

Great move. Keep it up.

Bush voters should be especially embarrassed this week for giving these people another term. I can understand not knowing how radical and unethical the Bush team was in the 2000 campaign (I certainly underestimated them). But anyone who voted for Bush/Cheney in 2004 should be embarrassed.

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Anonymous said...

i do not think people have to be embarrassed if they voted for Bush. no one is perfect-

as to Bush, let's hope he does not do too much more during the next three years. no big changes to taxes, no new wars, no big changes. If he pretty much holds the status quo that might be better than knocking things over.

and this is a golden opportunity for dems to win back the congress (more golden than if Kerry won the presidency)

so take the good with the bad. people change. no one can predict how someone will act in the future.

people are misled and used - this is miserable yet not embarrassing.