Sunday, November 13, 2005

Two good Chicago blogs on big picture ideas

The best law school in the world, the University of Chicago Law School, has a faculty blog here. I keep meaning to link to it, and finally, I've done it.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago also has a few bloggers, one of the Midwest Economy and one on Economic Education. They are hosted here.

Thanks to Nathan Kaufman and his eclectic blog here for showing me the latter.


Lazerlou said...

Our law school is a deeply flawed institution that does a poor job of educating future lawyers to become responsible shepard of teh law. Now if you measure a lawschool on how well it crushes the soul of its students to better prepare them to become corporate automatons, then it is the best. You can get no better education if you paln on protecting the interests of the wealthy and their corproations. And the kids at both New Trier and Amherst were far more impressive thinkers - even the conservatives. Maybe it was just my class, but i thout our law school failed its students and did not provide them with a U of C education that Mortimer Adler would have been proud of

Nathan Kaufman said...

do people jokingly threaten you with cockroach status at the U of C?

Lazerlou said...

what is cockaroach status??

Nathan Kaufman said...

reincarnation as a cockroach if you do not give to their chosen charities.

maybe it is somewhat like selling indulgences, which may have resulted in the market served by martin luther.