Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Under-reported story: the federal budget's assault on the middle class

The slow, steady assault on the middle class by the federal budget – overtaxing working people and undertaxing wealth people, underinvesting in education and overinvesting in overseas military quagmires. Huge deficits and still, the Republicans push for tax cuts for millionaires by abolishing the estate tax, keeping marginal income rates lower than they should be and extending tax breaks on wealth (while keeping the payroll tax on work as high as ever). Meanwhile, there’s no money for education or community development block grants. These budget cuts hurt regular people.

The federal budget slowly burns away at the middle class, month after month. We're like a frog in a pot of water on the stove that gets hotter and hotter, never jumping out until it's too late and we're boiled alive.

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Lazerlou said...

And what of the poor. I guess they don't vote huh, so they don't matter. I think the federal budget is far harsher onthem, and teh States. I mean medicaid funding is shifted to the states. Poor people suffer and States are left with the bill.