Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Loser of the Month: George W. Bush

His popularity is at an all-time low, his political mastermind Karl Rove took his fourth trip to the grand jury with more to come (after *his* Chief of Staff was indicted for lying about the treasonous action of outing a CIA agent for partisan gain), his invasion of Iraq has lost the support of the median voter, the moderate Republicans are finally pushing back against the reactionary let-them-eat-cake leaders of their party in Congress and he’s essentially without an agenda.

President Bush is politically toxic. People don't trust him anymore. And it's hard to see how things get better for him.

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Lazerlou said...

And, sadly us as well. He is still our president. Might even get to appoint a third federalist society guy to the high court before he's done. Sweet. He is a winner insofar as he has gotten his shils in Congress to gut the welfare state in favor of the military. Who needs books whe you have semi automtic rifles and disposable income to buy porn?