Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Winner of the Month (tie): Judy Baar Topinka and All Illinois Kids who will get health insurance

Judy Baar Topinka. The woman has not announced her campaign for Governor, but has already been coronated by much of the corporate media (sorry Eric) and big business in the state. She’s allegedly leveraged $10 million in pledges and she definitely enjoys spontaneous support from surly Democratic committeemen from around the state. With Jim Edgar bowing out, she is the last, best hope of rich people around the nation that can’t stand to see the biggest state in the Union with a Democratic Governor, Democratic Senate and Democratic House.

Middle-class families in Illinois who will have affordable health insurance for their children through the AllKids program starting this summer, regardless of their employment or income. I’ve written about the significance of this program here, and it’s a shame that the Governor’s political problems have overshadowed the innovative move to make government improve the quality of life of all people. In a decade from now, when (if) Congress finally extends the universal health care that old people enjoy through Medicare to all children, Governor Blagojevich and the success of Illinois’ AllKids will be a significant reason why.


Nathan Kaufman said...

It might help business if we had more state funding for long-term, breakthrough research on biotech and other stuff. More testing, researching, etc., that supports business.

The Dude said...

Dan, I'm not quite ready to jump on the JBT winner train. She's yet to announce her intentions officially, and the pledges for contributions are nothing until they are deposited in the bank. When she does get in, she will find herself in a bloodbath with at least two independantly wealthy opponents (and Brady who is pretty wealthy) bashing her daily for everything from her liberal views to her own scandals. She will immediately be on hte defensive.

I would wait until late March before I called her a winner.

Dan Johnson-Weinberger said...

Hey Dude -- I think she's a winner for November. I'm not sure she's going toh have as good a January or March, much less September or October when the Blagojevich re-election campaign turns it on. But I do think she had a great November -- wouldn't you agree?

The Dude said...

The better choice for the winner of the month would have to be the Bears. They are the ultimate winners for November because they never lost in November.

I see what you're saying as far as JBT goes, but monetary pledges and support from surely democratic operatives are pretty flimsy reasons to bestow upon her this prestigious award.

Bill said...

NEXT November is the month that will count. With her record she won't be able to hammer the Governor on corruption and she is hardly a darling of the life-gun crowd. The national Repubs are wasting their money.
Bring her on!!
It will be Blago with 67% in the general!

Dan Johnson-Weinberger said...

I didn't realize the award was prestigious, Dude....but you're right, the Bears would have been a better choice.