Sunday, November 14, 2004

Clarence Page on Canadian health insurance

Clarence Page's latest column in the Tribune here riffs off of the United States of Canada - Jesusland picture below to remark how our balkanized, for-profit health insurance system is getting worse. Higher costs, less care, more uninsured -- a big mess. The best part:

Want to see President Bush's plan for insuring the uninsured? Hold up a blank sheet of paper.

Well, OK, it's not quite that bad, but it's close. He has offered tax-free health savings accounts for those who can afford to put money aside for their health-care costs. The business-oriented Bush seems never to have witnessed a social problem that cannot be solved with a tax break.

But what if you're a minimum-wage waitress with kids, and you can't afford to put money aside for health-care costs? Well, I guess there's always prayer.

Of course, no country's health-care system is perfect, and America does offer the best health care that money can buy, if you can afford it. The problems come when you can't afford it.

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