Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Framing progressive issues -- it takes a lot of work

The Austin Mayor has a good post here on how much work we need to invest in framing our issues in ways that resonate.

He's responding to a whiny critique of George Lakoff's book Don't Think Like An Elephant, by Kevin Drum here.

The basic idea is that instead of looking for answers from the book about how to resonate with people, we need to work on it. As Barack said in some interview, there's a lot of intellectual work to be done by Democrats. My personal addition to this discussion is that lots of the work ought to get done in blue states and blue localities, where we have the opportunity to talk about the investments we make, instead of in D.C. where we talk about the investments we would like to make but are not. So funders: quit throwing money at D.C.!

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